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Again we will supply you with interesting seminars, this time in both languages!

A final look at Linger in Shadows - Michal Staniszewski (Bonzaj / Plastic)

Linger in Shadows

Linger in Shadows, Sony's famous interactive art project on the PlayStation 3 is soon to be released on PlayStation Network all over the world. It already generated a considerable attention at gaming forums, demoscene BBS-es, and has been showcased at many other events.

This presentation will showcase the various features of the product, allow our visitors to take a final sneak peek of the demo (or even try the interactive parts) before the final, official release.

This seminar will be performed in English.

Mass Asset Production for WWII Air Games - Seres Lehel, EIDOS Hungary


A game like Battlestations:Pacific presents a considerable challenge for graphics artists, not only creatively, but technically as well. Over the last 3 years, it was established how to create a sufficient workflow, and how to communicate with various divisions of a company in such a large project. In game development, both sides of the brain are required, to create aesthetically pleasing, yet optimal products, restrained by strict deadlines.

This seminar will allow a glimpse behind the scenes of the Battlestations:Pacific team for people planning to become a computer game artist. For this, we will utilize the meshes of the airplanes used in the game, and we'll also present the rough process of mass-manufacturing them.

This seminar will be performed in Hungarian.

From Abstract to Organic - Iñigo Quilez (IQ / RGBA)

RGBA - Kindercrasher

The recipe for an abstract intro is simple: fractals, metaballs, isosurfaces, spheres, cube structures and landscapes... Living characters are scarcely seen, but is that really a design choice, a result of the limitation, the lack of skills, or just not believing what really is possible?

What happens when animated characters are added to an intro design-wise, code-wise or audience-wise? How is the challenge different between that and making just abstract intros? We will have an overview of all this by comparing both types of intros, from the perspective of previous RGBA intros - the abstract Kinder-series (Kindernoiser, Kindercrasher) to the real challenge of putting characters on screen (Luxo 4k, Stiletto).

This seminar will be performed in English.