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Welcome to the Function 2008 website

The party is over!


2008. 10. 03. - Aftermath
On the left you can find an afterparty section with pictures, videos, sounds, downloads - send mooooore!
2008. 09. 29. - It ain't over 'till it's over!

Results here, prods here, organizers here.

Thanks, guys - see you next year?

2008. 09. 22. - ...and another one.

We added another seminar to our roster: thanks to Bonzaj, for the first time in Hungary, Plastic's PS3 interactive demo, Linger in Shadows will be showcased during Friday night.

2008. 09. 18. - Timetable, seminars, sponsors

Ooook, here we go.

(We wanted to put this out together with the invitation, but oh well.)

The full timetable of the party was published, things you might want to know:

  • Friday night will feature a live act by Failotron!
  • Saturday will see two seminars revolving around computer graphics, one of them in English!
  • The Wii compo shall return, and this time we'll avoid being whooped by the Polish guys. *cough*

Additionally, we'd like to announce NVIDIA as our main sponsor, who generously donated two demoboxes as prizes to give away!

So as there is more or less a single week left, initiate docking sequence and keep coding!

2008. 09. 14. - The official invitation has been released!

The official Function 2008 Invitation has been released at Sundown!

If you want to see the video, you can show it here:

2008. 08. 18. - Compo rules are launched

Oooookay, so we only missed our own deadline with 3.5 hours, but seeing our compo-organizing practice in the last few years, it's probably not that bad. So, the compo rules, feel free to browse through them; the few changes are listed here:

  1. Tracked music compo was abolished
  2. New categories are Photo and 4k GFX
  3. Game development compo shall be held again, in cooperation with JF.hu
  4. Remote entry rule changed a bit
  5. Demos can go up to 64 MB.

I.e. nothing shocking.

And for those who wonder how our party was like last year (because they haven't attended Function yet), here's a little reminder:

2008. 08. 06. - Back once again!

Late as ever, we proudly present to y'all this year's Function website - everything that's missing (compo rules, timetable, etc.) will arrive to the menu next week.

In the meantime, here's our banner, get it, spread it, display it, sign up, start on your demo, and get ready for this year's event!