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Function 2008 and JF.hu game development compo

This year's game development compo is run with the kind help of JF.hu - the rules can be found at their portal too, though only in Hungarian.

The rules, apart from the generic compo rules, are the following:

Because games have to be presented on site at the party, you have the following options:

The game can run on any platform, but that said, there are a couple of things to consider:


JF.hu-s Minigame compos are traditionally revolving around a theme, and it will adhere to the tradition this time as well:

The keyword of the game should be motion, make everything in the game move, don't keep static elements - we'd like to see some fast paced games, don't just keep objects on static paths, build the whole game on the concept of motion.

If you have a question about the compo, you can use the JF.hu forum.